Shryock's Corn Maze opens for the season



COLUMBIA - Shryock's Corn Maze is officially open for the 2017 season and ready to welcome thousands of people to explore miles of trails.Shryocks Callaway Farms is a family-owned farm more than 100 years old. The Shryock family farms 3,000 acres of corn and soy beans and hosts a corn maze every fall."We started this thing 16 years ago," Family Farm Owner Dustin Shryock said. "We really didn't know if anybody would want to come, but people just keep coming back."The Shryock family picks a new theme every year for the 16-acre maze. This year, they went with a Mizzou Tigers theme."We've been basketball fans here forever," Shryock said. "We're just huge supporters of the program and like to incorporate it into our maze whenever we get the chance."The...

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